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More than a hundred photonovels online on Belgica

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of one's labor, so I am thrilled to present the online collection of photonovels on Belgica, the digital library of the Royal Library of Belgium.

The collection comprises more than six hundred photonovels to be found in Belgian magazines that have been digitized during the Photo-Lit project. The digitized photonovels on Belgica have been divided in two groups: limited access and free access. Due to copyright restrictions, many photonovels can only be consulted online from the Library premises, once the COVID-19 situation allows the Library to reopen to the public. These are the photonovels that you find under the category "limited access". However, luckily for all avid photonovels' readers as myself, a hundred and seventeen photonovels, published in Dutch and French in the Belgian weeklies respectively Ons Volk and Chez Nous, have been classified as orphan works and are therefore freely accessible and can be read online.

And now, without further ado, please find here our photonovel collection. Happy reading!

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