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“Le Café Matinal avec Jan Baetens chez Maison Marie”

Exciting news: Jan Baetens stars in the new episode of Le Café Matinal, where he talks with Lia Rochas-Pàris about photo novels and his book “Pour le Roman-Photo”.

Le Café Matinal is a beautiful project by Lia Rochas-Pàris. The essence of this project is to be found in a coffee, a meeting and a photo novel. The foundation is the morning coffee: starting off the day with a warm cup of coffee is more than a habit, it’s a ritual. Coffee places can become, especially for self-employed people, mobile offices and take up new dimensions. It is in coffee places and in front of a cup of coffee that Lia Rochas-Pàris meets up every Wednesday with exceptional people. The result of this meeting? A talk presented in the form of a photo novel.

Photo by Shehan Hanwellage for Le Café Matinal

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