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“Le Musée des Amours”

Since literature is not only literature in print, it should not come as a surprise that the first literary festival on literature off the page at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (festival EXTRA!, 6-10 Sept. 2017, see: makes room for a photo novel that escapes its usual limits, that of the magazine.

It thus exhibits a work by Martine Abbaléa that hybridizes a broad range of sources and media. As the title (“Le Musée des Amours”, The Museum of Loves) makes clear, the content of the work is a typical romance. But what we discover on the walls of Beaubourg (level -1) is a creation that blurs the boundaries between an installation and a list of episodes, while also playing with the classic constraint of serialization since the different installments are not simply put on the walls next to one another, but progressively disclosed day after day.

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