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"Le Roman-Photo" forthcoming in 2018

An exciting announcement: Clémentine Mélois and Jan Baetens are working on a new volume entitled "Le Roman-Photo", which will be published in 2018 by La petite Bédéthèque des Savoirs.

Clémentine Mélois is a French visual artist. She has been a member of the Oulipo since June 2017. She studied at the École des beaux-arts de Paris with Michel Salsmann and Christian Boltanski ans is specialized in printed material, especially in artist book. Her work combines pop culture and classical culture, web culture and history of art, playing with photography and publishing codes. She also works for magazines such as Le Tigre, Fluide Glacial, Le Courage, Mon Lapin Quotidien and the web-magazine Vents contraires.

Jan Baetens is professor of cultural and literary studies at the University of Leuven. For more bibliographical details, please check out the 'Partners' page of our website.

Stemming from the fact that one of the last great unexplored territories of the comic strip is the vast field of Humanities and non-fiction, the concept of La petite Bédéthèque des Savoirs is simple: it is a collection of comics that combine the art of drawing with knowledge. Every field of knowledge can be part of the collection: science, history, philosophy, literature, law, geography, technique, zoology, economy, theology etc… as well as some topical themes such as pop culture or societal issues. These comics are not fictional narratives, but take on a serious, clear and didactic perspective. The tone is alternately serious and funny, but the works are accessible only from the age of 16 years-old. The volumes of La petite Bédéthèque des Savoirs provide the readers with inputs and keys: an invitation to go further and keep on exploring.

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