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"Fare Fotoromanzi: Un’intervista con Francesca Giombini"

Just published in the online journal Gender / Sexuality / Italy, Paola Bonifazio's article "Fare Fotoromanzi: Un’intervista con Francesca Giombini" offers us an insight in the meaning and making of photonovels by screenwriter Francesca Giombini. The article can be found here:

"Le Paratexte du Ciné-Roman-Photo"

If you are looking for an interesting read, look no further: Jan Baetens' article "Le Paratexte du Ciné-Roman-Photo" is available online at: Abstract: The literary approach of Seuils does not account for the whole paratext’s dimension, as for example the image (the paratext includes several types of signs, including visual signs), the temporality of the paratext (the paratext is not a homogeneous block, but a “chain” of units and the order in which these units are presented is important), the editing of various paratexts(what is the paratext of a work “included” in a magazine, for example: that of this work, that of the

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