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“Le Café Matinal avec Jan Baetens chez Maison Marie”

Exciting news: Jan Baetens stars in the new episode of Le Café Matinal, where he talks with Lia Rochas-Pàris about photo novels and his book “Pour le Roman-Photo”. Le Café Matinal is a beautiful project by Lia Rochas-Pàris. The essence of this project is to be found in a coffee, a meeting and a photo novel. The foundation is the morning coffee: starting off the day with a warm cup of coffee is more than a habit, it’s a ritual. Coffee places can become, especially for self-employed people, mobile offices and take up new dimensions. It is in coffee places and in front of a cup of coffee that Lia Rochas-Pàris meets up every Wednesday with exceptional people. The result of this meeting? A talk p

"Sul set. Fotoromanzi, genere e moda nell'archivio di Federico Vender"

If you are in north of Italy, few weeks are left to visit an extremely interesting exhibition in Trento: Sul set. Fotoromanzi, genere e moda nell'archivio di Federico Vender, curated by Katia Malatesta. The exhibition discloses to the public the personal archive of photographer Federico Vender, one of the richest and most precious archives that the Historical Photographic Archive of the Department of Cultural Heritage holds, and which was donated twenty-five years ago by the photograph himself. Federico Vender, born in Schio (Italy) in 1901, developed from a young age a passion for photography, which he could pursue recreationally in the laboratory of his father, a chemical engineer. During

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